the lungs interact with the outside world, breathing it in and letting it go. inherently connected to grief, should this organ get congested by the weight of sorrow and regret, the flow of life will be promptly cut off, for decay and death to follow.


the stomach is the capacitor of feeling, the nexus of emotional perception and reciprocity of the world. it is also the seat of the ego, passive and reclusive.


the liver is the cusp of life and soul due to its richness in blood, an organ secondary only to the █████. responsible for smooth distribution of lifeforce, it governs the balance of physical and emotional wellbeing.


the kidneys contain the inner hidden stirrings of emotional life; a throne of secrecy, introspection and reflection.


the intestines are the pinnacle of the lowest of things. impure and sickening on sight -- an organ fit only for the lowest haruspex to use in divination.

- █████ -

it's not here and maybe it never was.